A City to Remember

Our last day was one to remember. We visited Buckingham Palace to watch the changing of the guards. People from all around the world gathered to witness the moment and we all felt incredible special to be a part of it. The weather was wonderful, the scenery was beautiful, and the atmosphere was magical. Although the event did not take long, we thoroughly enjoyed it and took great pictures and videos to share with family and friends back home. Afterwards, we went to Parliament Square to relax, take photographs and buy the typical London souvenirs. Once again, the atmosphere was magical and exciting. That is what I loved about visiting this city! Everywhere we went, we were experiencing something new about London, absorbing information, learning about culture and social norms. For most of us, it was out of our comfort zone to ride the tube or to maneuver around a large city without using google maps. We were not use to going to a restaurant and there not being ice tea! We were not use to saying pounds instead of dollars and relying on public transportation rather than driving our own cars but we did it! That is what I enjoyed about London; learning how to live as a Londoner and experiencing the city as if it were my own. I enjoyed walking around the streets of London with my friends, eating dinner, traveling to places we only imagined, and making memories that we will cherish forever. I am very thankful for the opportunity KSU has given me to travel and I am even more thankful for the KSU Honors College for giving me the opportunity to travel with my friends. Until next time!

-Andrea Romero


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