A Quick Trip Greenwich

After a small group exploration we had some extra time and decided to take a boat ride to Greenwich. I am so glad that we were able to go on this unplanned trip because it allowed me to see a beautiful place outside the smog of the city. Although only spent about two hours exploring, I saw so many interesting things. Even the slow relaxing boat ride was a nice change of pace from the busy city and allowed us to view London from the River Tames.




There were small shops and pubs throughout the town as well as a large park. In the park I noticed a that dogs were allowed to run around freely without being on a leash which was a surprise to me. We took the walk up to the Prime Meridian where the views were amazing and got straddle the line and stand in both then east and west hemispheres at the same time. We also walked through the royal observatory and the museum. Through the trip I learned a lot and the experience is something I’ll never forget and if I do return to London this is one place I’ll be sure to visit again!


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