End of a Journey

The last few days of the trip included visits to several highlights, such as the Globe theater, the Prime Meridian, and the London Zoo. Out of those above, I liked the Globe and the Observatory at the Prime Meridian the most. Overall, the Natural History Museum is still my favorite, of course.


I really appreciated how this trip brought me to such a wide variety of museums. I always thought of myself as someone who goes to museums a lot, but I felt overwhelmed (in a good way) by the sheer number we visited, let alone the number of options that we had. I am not normally a fan of vehicles, but I loved the Transport Museum and the Cutty Sark. I feel that I am more likely to branch out to subjects that I don’t know I like already the next time I am on a trip like this.


I enjoyed this trip a lot. I enjoyed meeting like-minded people and visiting places that I may never otherwise have. I’m glad I was able to go.


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