London at a Distance

This was it, we’re back in the States and reflecting back onto the trip in London. It still feels surreal being on the opposite side of the world for only a week and then coming back just as you’re about to get used to it. It makes the world feel smaller, where distant places are just a flight away. I think I can now get a grasp of how a life in London would feel like. I would not mind living in such a place either. It definitely feels much more chaotic and busy but so are all the big cities.
To me, London did not seem to be as different as I had imagined. There were a few minor cultural differences but it still made sense, it was graspable. I remember on the last day, Caitlin and I headed off to the zoo. The closest tube stop was across the park and quite a large park to walk through. For once, it felt like it was calm. It reminded me of the walks I like to take on campus when I get overwhelmed with school work. It is really interesting how I have conditioned myself to distress whenever I take such a walk. Caitlin had this very stressed gloom on her face trying to contemplate if we were going to be late or where the next tube station was, or should we take to bus instead. No offense but at the time I really couldn’t care less. That was just one of the particular scenes that I strongly had a home-like connection to London.


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