Favorite spot in London

Exploring London was fun, yet also eye opening. I was sad to go, although it is nice to be home. I enjoyed exploring the old historic sites the most, especially the Tower of London. 20170402_123932 This is where the Crown Jewels of the royalty are housed and where important prisoners of the monarchy were held and possibly executed. What I didn’t realize before I got there was that the Tower of London isn’t a singular tower; it’s actually made up of a bunch of different towers and houses and such. My favorite tower was the White Tower, which used to be the armory. It is now a exhibition of all the armor that was used by people living at the Tower. They had armor for both the men and horses, in many different generations of armor.20170402_115150 There are also weapons up until either the 20th or 21st century and gifts  from other societies that are on display in the upper portions of the White Tower. The Tower also had historical reenactments, ravens, and some houses. Something I found pretty interesting was that they had a small memorial to those who had died there.  20170402_111020Considering how long ago it was that people had died there, it wasn’t something I was expecting. It was a very nice touch though. The Tower of London was so much history in one place, which was very interesting.


Little Venice/Camden Market Trip

After the group trip to the British Museum, which was really cool with all of the various pieces of history, 11 of us headed over to Little Venice. It’s a residential area of west London known for the canals in the area and the really pretty homes. Once we were there a few of us grabbed lunch from a cafe floating on the water and got on the Jason’s Original Canal Boat Trip.  The guide on the boat explained the history of the canals that run throughout London and the various sights along the canals. It was relaxing, which was great because it was a break from running around all over the place, just for a little while.IMG-20170403-WA0006Here’s all of us on the boat. We got to see some of the more affluent homes in the area, the walking paths along the canals, and even parts of the London Zoo. We docked at Camden Market, which is one of the many markets scattered throughout London. 20170403_175557.jpg It was really multicultural, both in the vendors and in the people shopping. It seems like you could get just about anything in there. I think my favorite place in there was Cyberdog, just because of how different it was. 20170403_153452They played music that you could feel through your bones and it was full of unique items and clothing. The history behind the market was also pretty interesting, in that it was previously the stables for the horses that pulled the cargo boats when the canals were used in industry. All of the architecture reflected this; the stable doors were even still there. We also took a detour between shopping to go to Primrose Hill, which was said to give spectacular views of London. 20170403_165722 It did not disappoint, although the walk up was murder. It was interesting seeing how quickly the areas of London changed. When I entered a new borough, I could definitely tell, which was interesting, because I feel like in Atlanta the changes in Atlanta are a lot more gradual. I really enjoyed this trip though. I would definitely go back to all of these areas and explore more on other trips.